WP with Sheila

WP with Sheila

Creating Confident WordPress Website Owners!
Live Web Classes
Live web classes are short, focused, online classes that you can take from anywhere. A typical web class is 60 minutes, with about 30-40 minutes of instruction and demonstration and at least 20-30 minutes of questions and...
WordPress Website Design Services
You want a website that you can easily maintain, but you don't want to go through the process of creating it yourself. That's OK, I can design and build your website for you. I have packages...
Hands-On Workshops
Learn how to build and maintain a professional business website using WordPress. These workshops are designed to allow learning through demonstration, discussion, coaching and critique with detailed instruction from a WordPress Specialist. Topics include everything from setup to...

Building your website doesn’t have to be hard!

frustratedYou’ve been told that WordPress is the way to go for your new website.

“It’s easy to use,” they said.

“You’re going to love it,” they said.

And then you tried to set it up.
Easy? Loving it? Not so much!

Getting started with WordPress can be challenging if you don’t know what you are doing! However, it is easy to use, once you get it. That’s where I can come in. I want to help you “Get It!” I have taught many business owners how to create and maintain their websites. I don’t talk geek so you will understand everything I teach you. And I am happy to answer your questions, as many times as you need me to!

How can I help:

+ One-to-one training sessions
+ Small group training workshops
+ Web Classes
+ Speaker for your group

Schedule a Post (or Page)
Schedule a Post (or Page)
There are several reasons why you might want to delay making a post live when you create it. Many Blogger will spend a day writing...
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What is a Widget?
What is a Widget?
Widgets are tools that allow a user to add and control features or content to a sidebar, header or footer. In fact, they are cleverly disguised pieces of...
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Publish settings when editing posts or pages
The Publish settings for your WordPress  control the state of your post. Here is an overview of the Status, Visibility, and Publish options. The Status pull-down...
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How WordPress Assembles Pages
Three basic structures in WordPress interact to create your web pages: the core, the theme, and the database. The CORE is the set of files that make...
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