Publish settings when editing posts or pages

Publish settings when editing posts or pages

The Publish module controls the state of your post. From here you can control who sees the post as well as when it is published. To edit any of these settings, click the edit link next to it.

Let’s look at all the possibilities!


The Status pull-down is set to Draft by default. After you publish a post, you can switch the post back to Draft or Pending Review if you want to pull the post from the site.

  • Draft means that the post has NOT “live” on your site and is only visible from the Dashboard.
  • Published status means the post has been saved and is “live” on your site.
  • Pending Review means the draft is waiting for review by an editor prior to publication.

If you select a specific publish status and click the update post or “Publish” button, that status is applied to the post.

The Visibility section determines how your post appears to the world. Your choices are Public, Password Protected, or Private.

  • Public posts will be visible by all website visitors once published.
    •  A “sticky” post means that, no matter what, the post stays as the first post, even if there are newer posts. The newer posts will start below the “sticky” post. Sticky posts are great for announcements or something else you’d like people to see every time they come to the site for a period of time.
  • Password Protected posts are published to all, but visitors must know the password to view the post content.
    • To password protect a post, click Edit next to Visibility in the Publish area to the top right, then click Password Protected, click Ok, and enter a password. Then click OK. Note – Editor and Admin users can see password protected or private posts in the edit view without knowing the password.
  • Private posts are visible only to you (and to other editors or admins within your site)


The Publish section lets you set the date of the post either to a future date or a past date.

  • Scheduling a post to a future date allows you to create content now and publish it later.
  • Back dating a post allows you to order your posts by content rather than date.

To schedule a post for publication on a future time or date, click “Edit” in the Publish area next to the words “Publish immediately”. You can also change the publish date to a date in the past to back-date posts. Change the settings to the desired time and date. You must also hit the “Publish” button when you have completed the post to publish at the desired time and date.